The winds of vegan change are upon us finally, and they have brought with them the Wise Boys Burgers food truck. Wise boys because they’ve launched a plant-based burger menu (a smart move trend-wise, and smarter still for the animals unharmed by the venture). And wise boys because they’ve launched with just three menu items: the Betrooooot burger (their o’s), the Mex burger, and beer-battered fries with house-made aioli.

And on a rather windy and hot Auckland afternoon, I tried the Mex, the beer-battered fries and the aioli – not put off one jot by my own hair blowing in my face and into my mouth as I munched happily through the lot, casting corn chip crumbs asunder. And yes, that’s right: corn chips in the burger. Surely not revolutionary, but still a damn fine feature. And it saved me from embarrassing my husband by buying chips separately and doing it myself. He’s never understood the chip sandwich thing, but I love him anyway. And while we’re talking about him, he had the beetroot burger for the second time, of which I snuck a bite. Pickles, mustard, perfect patty…

Well, I don’t know why someone didn’t do this sooner. Despite the rise in veganism, the Kiwi love for meat and dairy is still top trumps, with many of the top restaurants and eateries still scarcely having more than one vegetarian menu item. So the opportunity to buy anything from a menu and knowing it will be vegan is something I delight in. Fortunately, the pleasure at this food truck continues beyond the vegan-friendly menu. The Mex patty is flavoursome and generous in size, it’s soft but cooked with a crisp outer layer and makes no attempt at mimicking meat. It’s boldly beany. The bun is toasted well, the fillings are simple and delicious (smoky chipotle, avocado, corn chips and so forth) and the beer-battered fries and aioli were sensational.

Since their launch, Wise Boys Burgers have parked up at 1 Queen Street and Silo Park in Auckland, but you’ll want to follow the Wise Boys Burgers Instagram account for updates.


Wise Boys Burgers – Food Truck