Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to put in a sandwich when you’re vegan. It’s been six years (and counting) for me and I still struggle with it. This assemblage of colourful ingredients is a complete rip-off from a Pret-à-Manger sandwich that was on the menu when I visited London in 2011 (sophisticated traveller that I am). It makes for a killer filled roll.


  • baguette or sandwich bread
  • Olivani (optional)
  • carrot grated
  • chargrilled capsicum pieces
  • hummus
  • fresh coriander
  • sunflower seeds toasted


  1. 1 Slice open a baguette and spread with Olivani, if using, and the hummus. Squeeze the carrot to remove excess water. Fill the roll generously with the remaining ingredients. This sandwich isn’t for the coriander-phobic, because it’s best used liberally in this one.