Unbaking has come to the home. The secrets behind sweet treats and delectable eats gone raw are now accessible to anyone seeking  a new and enlightening food experience in Megan May’s The Unbakery recipe book.

Raw organic goodness is delivered through her colourful, bright and fresh collection of plant-based recipes, giving a kick-start to those wanting to venture into the often mysterious realm of eating raw.

This collection of recipes features useful notes by author and owner of the Little Bird Unbakery’s Megan May on her own food journey to a raw diet.

She unveils the many benefits and phenomenal flavours which can be brought out in raw foods, while celebrating recipes that are guilt free – natural ways to enhance any culinary repertoire.

While it is no secret that complexity seems to surround these kinds of food choices, and many ingredients will be added to our personal food glossaries throughout the reading of this book, the introduction and basics chapters as well as an extensive glossary are fantastic guides to debunking the myth that raw food preparation is difficult. Armed with a few kitchen tools – the usefulness and purposes of which are outlined in the introduction – these recipes are straightforward with clear instructions for seasoned raw foodies and newbies alike.

The pages are elegantly simple in design, nothing too showy in the layout of the reading material, making a feature of the full-page coloured pictures that accompany the recipes, which speak to your eyes and, of course, your stomach. No more explanation needed.

For those who are looking to introduce superb and creative veggie dishes by adding a few spiralised zucchini noodles to their household menu, impress resistant guests with a sneaky ‘raw’ cacao hazelnut tart, or perhaps produce a stellar strawberries and cream cheesecake to end a day of perfect summer sun, then your road map to raw deliciousness lies in this book and Megan May’s capable hands.

You’ll find The Unbakery for sale on the Little Bird Organics website, in Beatnik Publishing’s online shop, and in bookstores.

Guest review by Kendall McKinnon


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