It’s not hard to spot that The Caker sets a trend in baking exciting, healthy(ish), original cakes and cookies. I picked up this book and read it from cover to cover – always a good sign!

Flicking through the recipes, one of the first things I noticed was that I had most of the ingredients listed. This is a motivation for me with baking as I personally don’t want to buy a raft of ingredients to do a one-off cake only to have the other ingredients age in my cupboard.

The Caker made me feel excited about baking again, a feeling I haven’t had since my first Frankenstein’s Monster-esque experiments as an 8-year-old. The thing that turned me off baking was the excessive use of dairy, fat and sugar.

I liked that Rondel uses whole ingredients and fruit wherever possible. The natural fruits and whole ingredients in most of these recipes will allow me to include a few little nice treats as part of a well-balanced and moderate diet. There is also the inclusion of several delicious looking vegan recipes and a moist, chocolate cake made with pinot noir.

Jordan Rondel has tapped into an artisan style of baking that makes you want to consume and share the results with love. She has experimented with things like sesame glaze, apricots, quinoa, rosemary, lavendar, rose water, and Turkish delight. Many of these things I love on their own, and they are brought together in a delectable fusion of creams, glazes, syrups and soft cakes and cookies.

Her glazes and icings are inspired and I feel privileged that she has shared her knowledge because now I can create with love and originality too. The recipients of that love won’t care if I found all this gorgeousness in a book or made it up myself, they will just be so happy to be eating the Fresh Mint and Chocolate Chip Cookies; Lemony Almond Cake with Rose Water Creme Icing, Pistachios and Turkish Delight, or the Rhubarb and Black Doris Plum Cake.

Special mention should be made to Megan van Staden for the book’s design, it looks exceptional. I also loved its straight-forward layout, and the obvious, but often excluded, conversion chart.

Dive into this book and impress your friends, family and collegues. Enjoy

Note from the editor: If preparing vegan recipes from the book use Olivani not Olivio. Olivio is not suitable for vegans.


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