If you’ve owned and loved Revive’s first two cookbooks, then you’ll be a fan of their third instalment: The Revive Cafe Cookbook 3. It’s a continuation of the same format with chapters dedicated to salads, hotpots and stir fries, main meals, soups, flavour boosters, breakfasts, sweet things and cooking guides.

Revive’s philosophy is all about good health and wellbeing, and the vibrancy of their cafés and cookbooks are solid indications of the nutrition boasted by both. The pages are laden with colour and vitality – about as guilt-free as food can be. But not boring. Recipes include the Summer Burger with patties containing mushrooms, chickpea flour and nutritional yeast; golden Scrummy Stuffed Sweet Potato; Olivier: The Russian Salad, and Smoked Stuffed Peppers, along with a swathe of salads.

Many of the recipes, especially the salads, are incredibly simple and I think this is why Revive’s cookbooks have been so popular. They make it very obvious how easy it is to prepare tasty, healthy food. We made the Fragrant Thai Peanut Noodles (mostly to play with our new food processor) and the result is a very fresh dish, almost like pad thai, but without the grease. I couldn’t resist adding a sprinkling of sea salt, but that’s the nice thing about these recipes; they say: ‘this is healthy food’ and then you can make additions at your own discretion.

The 191-page cookbook is packed with vegan recipes, which might be interesting to Revive regulars who will know that the café serves vegetarian food as well as vegan food. The fact that it’s 100 percent vegan (with the exception of honey) means there are some interesting experiments with tofu replacing egg or cream, such as Tofu Mayo, Almost Egg Spread, Golden Omelette and Penne Alfredo.

A lot of the recipes are gluten-free (nearly all of them) and that is possibly why they’ve omitted any kind of key or symbol to represent the gluten-free recipes. Chickpea flour is often used as an alternative in patties.

If you’re a fan of fat, sugar and other naughty things (like we are), you might like to use the Revive cookbook when a detox is in order. The recipes don’t shun these ingredients completely, honey and date syrups are used as well as some oils and nuts, but the flavour is created through fresh herbs and dynamic ingredients. If you’re looking for a vegan cookbook that’s packed full of healthy, quick and simple recipes, you’ll want to check this one out.


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