We’re told to eat the rainbow, but everyone secretly knows that greens are the vegetables that, failing all else, we must eat. Many of us have moved on from our childhood aversion to anything green (lollies as the exception), but others struggle to think of ways to get green veggies into their repertoire. In that case, you need to consult with Greenilicious.

The chapters of this very accessible, full-colour vegan cookbook run the gamut from lettuces and salad greens, right through to kales, asparagus, snow peas, basil and green smoothies. If you have vegetarian children squeamish about their greens, there will definitely be a successful recipe lurking in these pages.

We have made the Sesame Greens Sushi twice now, it’s a wonderfully simple recipe and serves as inspiration that sushi fillings do not need to be complicated. Wilted spinach flavoured with tahini, toasted sesame seeds and tamari is all that makes up the filling; I did add a little more sweet seasoning and salt to my sushi rice than the recipe called for, which others may like to do, too.

The Thai-Style Snake Bean Green Curry is an incredibly simple, tasty and fragrant meal made with tofu puffs and long Asian eggplants – one we’ll be coming back to a few times, I think.

Other recipes on our to-try list include Walnut-Crusted Tempeh on Wilted Watercress, which is a spectacular looking block of flavoured tempeh served with a zingy sauce similar in ingredients to a gremolata. The Miso Soup with Tatsoi and Mixed Mushrooms also looks very revitalising, and tatsoi is an ingredient I’ve never cooked with before.

Greenilicious is one of those cookbooks that doubles as a general resource book. It’s full of information about the green vegetables used within its pages, and notes for each of the recipes. The layout of the recipes are easy to follow, and include keys to indicate what type of meal it is (breakfast, for example), and if it’s gluten free, raw, or ready in 30 minutes or less.

I would recommend this book to anyone on the hunt for some midweek style recipes, plus a few fancy ones, that will please fussy eaters and generally get more of those good chlorophyll-rich leaves into your diet.


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