My favourite thing about Anna Jones’ new book – and the biggest point of difference from her earlier A Modern Way to Eat – is that each chapter is sorted by how long it takes to prepare: In the time it takes to set the table; ready in twenty; on the table in half an hour; forty minute feasts, and so on.

It also takes the index one step further. You’ll find a heading for vegan and gluten-free recipes in the index (same as the last cookbook) but also headings for vegan, with a tweak, and gluten-free, with a tweak. So useful.

That makes it very easy for me to tell you that there are more than 60 vegan recipes in this book and more than 30 that are easily modified to become vegan. The rest, of course, is vegetarian.

Jones’ twist on nachos – Cashew, Kale and Lime Nacho Bowl – is healthy, but as moreish and delicious as nachos should always be. Due to a temperature/timing error I my part, I cooked the kale to a crisp (and not the trendy kind: the black and bitter kind). So I just used the leftover raw kale and massaged the leaves slightly with the coriander and cashew cream. The cashew cream is so good it renders cheese utterly unnecessary.

I’ve been sticking to the quick recipes lately, as they’re just the easiest thing to do after work, and so I was immediately drawn to the Kale, Tomato and Lemon Magic One-Pot Spaghetti. Everything, spaghetti, oil and all, goes into the one pan and cooks together. After some trepidation, I found the resulting dish to be more than satisfying, especially due to the fragrant lemon zest. And it was all done in less than 15 minutes.

This is a lovely hardback cookbook, with matte colour photography alongside many of the recipes. While all the recipes are very accessible, I have been cooking less from this one than A Modern Way to Eat, perhaps only because of seasonal restrictions. I look forward to trying my hand at making Chickpea Pasta with Simple Tomato Sauce (as in pasta made from scratch out of chickpea flour), and the Smokey Pepper and White Bean Quesadillas look devilishly easy, and tick all the boxes for a lazy midweek dinner.

Although her earlier book is still my favourite, A Modern Way to Cook offers some excellent cooking advice, and will be a useful tool in any vegetarian and vegan kitchen.


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