Vegan food in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

We recently returned from a month-long holiday in Thailand – I know, lucky right? Well, we’re back now and it’s all been nose to the grindstone, that’s why this post didn’t appear sooner. Thai food is often lauded as among…

Vegan Christmas Lunch

The table was laden with colour and the kitchen was full of the irresistible smells of pastry; a vegan coconut and kumara pie was warming in the oven.

Mum’s Vegan Lunch

The lunch comprised home-made baked butter beans, made with capsicum in the sauce, a crunchy baby cos salad with avocado and zingy vinaigrette, and wild rice.

Giant Vegan Pretzels

I made pretzels today. And I mean the big, German-style, eat-with-a-beer kind of pretzels. Our flatmate had already made them twice – and after tasting their addictive, savoury deliciousness, it was time to make some more. You can buy these…